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To ensure that all plumbing work complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia, only licensed plumbers can do plumbing and drainage work.  

Sewage Pipe Replacement

NSW Fair Trading regulates on-site plumbing and drainage work and licensed plumbers in NSW. Visit them for more information about:

  • plumbing and drainage inspections
  • notices of work (NOW)
  • certificates of compliance (CoC)
  • sewerage service diagrams (SSD)
  • audit inspection fees
  • plumbing and drainage regulations.

You must apply to connect if you:

  • need a new water or wastewater connection
  • want to disconnect an existing water or wastewater connection
  • are connecting to a pre-laid water connection
  • want us to fit a water meter on the property
  • plan to install trade waste equipment
  • want to connect a residential house to our stormwater system.

You can apply to connect at Sydney Water Tap in™

What is NSW Fair Trading responsible for?

NSW Fair Trading is responsible for plumbing inspections. Visit them to:

  • find out what they need to inspect
  • pay for or book an inspection.

NSW Fair Trading doesn’t inspect connections to our pipes. 

What is Sydney Water responsible for?

They are responsible for ensuring connections to our pipes meet our standards. 

They might inspect the connection if they have specific connection requirements, eg holding tanks, pumps or wastewater treatment equipment. These will be included in our additional services agreement with you.

If they need to do an inspection, they’ll organise this after:

  • You apply to connect
  • Sydney Water has approved your connection.
Sewage Pipe Excavating

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