Landscape Design & Construction

Creating a beautiful outdoor environment requires a diversity of skills. 6 Axis offers comprehensive landscape design, installation and construction services that covers the full range of soft landscaping & hard landscaping requirements to bring out the best in your gardens and outdoor areas. 

Many of our projects are requested by clients who wish to create, improve or update an existing landscape. Other projects complement the construction of a new home, a home renovation or extension in which site planning and landscape installations are required.

Some of the services provided…

  Design Concept digitally to meet expectations and remove any miscommunication. This also assists in any preparation needed prior to start date.

We can do any style of retaining wall you choose to have, from low cost timber solutions to Large SandStone rectangular blocks to create an abstract feature. Prices start from $266 psqm for Timber Retaining Walls. All walls are installed to a very high standard to ensure maximum life span.
  Composite or Timber Decking on timber or steel frame is also a speciality of ours, and we can recommend the ideal solution upon site inspection. Prices start from $120 psqm.
Lay small or large sandstone blocks for a earthy appearance. Padded with DGB20, 100mm Drainage coil, blue metal and geotechnical fabric for silt control. Finished by backfilling with premium garden mix.  Call 0404014848 for quick chat to see how we can help.

Artificial Grass is durable, won’t fade in the sun and lasts many years if laid properly. No Mowing, no annoying the neighbours with your noisy mower and less pests. If you are after natural grass there are a few to choose from, though if you are after a fake looking natural grass then I would recommend Sir Grange which is the most expensive. The other alternatives depending on your 


Landscape Design Process…

Our landscaping service includes a thorough site visit and planning consultation with you to select the species of trees, shrubs, grasses, succulents and ground cover plants (Flora) that suit your property’s soil and make sure the planting schedule is personalised for your property. 

Working together with your garden concept and implement as practicable as possible to create a  stunning landscape design. Our guiding landscaping principles are focused on seasonality, the right Flora for the right place, water irrigation minimisation and the harmony of natural form, colour and texture. 

Not only can we help enhance the look of the exterior of your home and raise your property’s value, 6 Axis can provide beautiful outdoor living spaces that will encourage your household to spend more time outside. Having an outdoor area is becoming more of a luxury these days. Let us help you maximise it’s potential and enjoy it to the fullest!

Our special attention to detail of each project ensures clients are completely satisfied, both during the construction process and upon project completion. We are committed to providing a landscaping service you enjoy, as well. It is important to us that we are continuously professional, reliable and friendly to our valued clients. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your entire landscaping journey.